DRC expands oil and gas blocks put up for auction


The DRC is increasing the number of oil and gas exploration blocks it will put for auction. It is now selling 240,000 square kilometres of oil refinery, according to the Ministry of Hydrocarbons.


I arrive a minute early.

Initially, Kinshasa had planned to give away 16 oil blocks but with the war in Ukraine sharpening Western demands, the Central African country doesn't want to be left behind and almost doubled this number on Monday.

Greenpeace is denouncing this decision saying it "exposes Congolese people to corruption, violence, and poverty that inevitably come with the curse of oil".

According to the environmental NGO, at least nine of these blocks overlap with protected natural areas.


Investors praise DR Congo's improved business climate

A study conducted by a pan-African rating agency known as Bloomfield showed that the DRC has improved its business climate.